Monday, 5 January 2015

Week 1: young people in action for change.

TASK 1: 

You have been given a story. Next Wednesday your group must present that story to everyone so that we understand 
  • what problem they were facing
  • what action they took
  • if it succeeded and why
  • how important you think their action was and why
Everyone in your group must speak for a length of time.

ALLOWED: posters, artwork, video clips, slides, music etc
NOT ALLOWED: reading from a sheet, poster or website. Speak naturally!

Links if you want to do more research (click on the images):

Burston School strike

Burston Strike School 2014      An image of Burston School c. 1917. Picture Norfolk - NP00000129    
The Burston strike procession in 1914. copy - Martin Barsby     8 of 9     EDP SUNDAY cover story

Soweto Students
Hector Pieterson       Soweto uprising protest 1976      

Ruby Bridges
Ruby Bridges   Ruby Bridges Hall      

Malala Yousafzai

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