Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Natalia, Omar, James and Krusal speaking to the audience at J2J preview of 'Selma' - and  the auditorium filling up. (photos: Aziz Rahman)

The other speakers: Carrie Supple, Chi Onwurah MP,  Lord Herman Ouseley, Baroness Helena Kennedy.(photos: Aziz Rahman)

For a video of the speeches go here. The students start at 03.23.

Selma: the real events

Selma the movie: official trailer

John Legend & Common: Glory

What is the House of Lords?

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Week 3: Home Sweet Home

To find out more about the Home Sweet Home campaign click on the images below:

For information about the Focus 15 mothers click on the photos below.

And here is the footage of the E15 mums invading Newham Council offices:

TASK 3: Helping organise the SELMA showing:

1. Speak to the audience about the project: what you've learnt, how you feel about it and why people should support Journey to Justice.
2. Welcome people as they arrive.
3. Look after the special guests.
4. Show people to their seats.
5. Give out leaflets.
6. Collect names and contact details.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Week 1: young people in action for change.

TASK 1: 

You have been given a story. Next Wednesday your group must present that story to everyone so that we understand 
  • what problem they were facing
  • what action they took
  • if it succeeded and why
  • how important you think their action was and why
Everyone in your group must speak for a length of time.

ALLOWED: posters, artwork, video clips, slides, music etc
NOT ALLOWED: reading from a sheet, poster or website. Speak naturally!

Links if you want to do more research (click on the images):

Burston School strike

Burston Strike School 2014      An image of Burston School c. 1917. Picture Norfolk - NP00000129    
The Burston strike procession in 1914. copy - Martin Barsby     8 of 9     EDP SUNDAY cover story

Soweto Students
Hector Pieterson       Soweto uprising protest 1976      

Ruby Bridges
Ruby Bridges   Ruby Bridges Hall      

Malala Yousafzai